Wednesday, November 16, 2011

EtsyMini Monday featuring MamasMagicStudio: Handmade Jewelry, Knitting Needles, and Beadwork

In the handmade market place there are a wide variety of jewelry artists and artisans out there to browse through. But, sometimes it becomes difficult to find those that offer something truly original.

That's not the case in Mama's Magic Studio on Etsy, though. In this Etsy shop you can find some of the most original jewelry designs that I've seen in a long while!

There are little bird nest pendants with colorful eggs inside and peas-in-a-pod necklaces sitting along side some of the cutest knitting-needle and ball-of-yarn earrings I've ever seen.

There are also memory wire bracelets and bangle bracelets as well, made with shiny wire and shimmering beads in pretty colors.

Jen Johnson, the artisan behind Mama's Magic Studio on Etsy, lives in Santa Clara, CA as a stay at home mom with her two kids where she balances her love for creating crafty, artisan items with her love and care for her family.

Jen believes that when an artist creates, it's a form of magic that gives birth to something new and beautiful. She has a true understanding of the labor of love involved in creating handmade items no matter if they are jewelry, art or any other crafty endeavors.

Jen's shop focuses primarily on jewelry, beading and wire working with a touch of some woodworking that is involved in making her handmade knitting needles like those seen to the right.

She also sews, knits and cooks and is always on the look out for new, interesting artistic and crafty pursuits!

To visit Jen's Mama's Magic Studio on Etsy and take a look around, you can click on the links above or on the pictures themselves as well! You'll love the visit and the browse and if you have someone who loves nature or knitting, this shop will be perfect for finding special items to give as gifts for birthdays, the holidays, or just to give a special gift.

Mama's Magic Studio
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Note from EtsyBloggers Team Captain, Joey & Aleethea: thank you to Gilliauna for being an EtsyBloggers Team Volunteer and writing this fabulous EtsyMini Monday feature! As nobody ele knew, MamasMagicStudio was secretly selected today to be this month's EtsyMini Monday on our team blog :) because she is also herself a team volunteer, and a contributing author for our EtsyBloggers team blog. She has been a team volunteer for years now, she is consistently blogging here for our team on a monthly basis, featuring her teammates in beautifully written posts! Thank you, Jen from MamasMagicStudio, for supporting your team, your shining positive attitude, and overall, well, for just being the awesome you that you are. Rock on, Mama!

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Jen (Mama's Magic Studio) said...

What a lovely surprise -- thank you so much for the feature!

Pamela Baker said...

I love Mama'sMagic Studio! She has some great pieces in her shop.
One of my favorites, has been her Knitting Needle/Yarn earrings. I have used these in a Crochet Treasury! Congrats Mama!

Alastairanson said...

Once the aloft accomplish accept been completed, so accept your knitting needles.

Needle Arts