Monday, July 28, 2008

Mini Monday - Story Beader

Today we are showing you Storybeader of Oklahoma. This jewelry artist combines the beauty of her work with words. Every necklace comes with a haiku made specifically for each piece.

As an example the necklace above comes with this haiku-
She walked through the door
With the bright star reflecting
In her deep blue eyes.

You can follow her life as an artist and frustrated writer in the Storybeader blog. The blog shares her life in Oklahoma and her love of literature as well as spotlighting other artists.

Beyond bead work and blogging she is a generous member of the EtsyBloggers Team. You can find her on our forum threads on Etsy, active on the message board and participating in the blog carnivals. Getting to know this artist has been a plus in many lives including mine.
Ladybug strolled through
Leaves and bark before she reached
Her fav sunflower.
- Deborah Baroff, the storybeader

Check out the shop and the blog and let her know the Etsybloggers sent you!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

8 Team Treasuries in one weekend!!

The fun just doesn't stop around here!!

It's party time for the EtsyBloggers with 8 TEAM TREASURIES!!!!!! :D

So let's get our click on and support your teammates right now!!

ends Sat 7:21 pm July 26
ends Sun 12:50 am July 27

ends Sun 7:16 am July 27
ends Sun 9:11 am July 27
ends Tues 10:57 am July 29
ends Tues 5:17 am July 29
Expires Tues, July 29 @ 6:42 PM


Way to go, EtsyBloggers!!

Who's responsible for curating these TEAM TREASURIES for us??
A super big THANK YOU to the fabulous
storybeader (twice!)
LieblingDesigns for creating these TEAM TREASURIES!!

If anyone else snags an EtsyBloggers team treasury, spread the word however you can!! And also CONVO me, Joey & Aleethea and let me know so I can help tell everyone!

And be sure to put EtsyBloggers somewhere in the treasury title too. (Just add it to the end or the beginning of your title.)

Hi-5 EtsyBloggers!! You ROCK!!!!! :D

Monday, July 21, 2008

Mini Monday - A Keeper's Jackpot

This Mini Monday feature shows off the work in the shop A Keeper's Jackpot who also happens to be our featured blogger for the month of July. From her shop profile she wants you to know -

A Keeper's Jackpot is an anagram using the nicknames of my husband, myself, and our two cats. I got into beading after my sister gave me a handmade beaded necklace as a gift a couple years ago. I've expanded my interests to wire wrapping, wire crochet, and polymer clay. My newest endeavor is decoupage, so look for some pendants in the future! It has become a hobby, and hopefully a way to make a little money on the side.

I am a medical technologist for my full-time job and I work in a hospital laboratory. When I'm not working or making jewelry, I really love to go hiking.

Full time work in a hospital laboratory, hiking around her beautiful home state, an Etsy shop, a fantastic blog and an active team member make this someone you want to get to know. We are all happy she is part of the EtsyBloggers Team.

There is a picture of this amazing EtsyBlogger. It is a hiking shot from her blog. With such beauty around her it is easy to see why she enjoys hiking around her home state.

July 21 edition of Etsy Bloggers Blog Carnival

The July 21 edition of the Etsy Bloggers Blog Carnival has been published.
You can read it HERE.
There were 34 submissions for this carnival and the choice of subjects were "My Favorite Creation" or "It's A Heatwave".
It's a good read as always, so grab a cuppa and some snacks and enjoy reading what our members had to write about.

Other blog carnival news:

Info for the August 4 edition has been posted on the team message board. Our host is Spotted Cow Soaps.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Mini Monday - Two Zany Zebras

The life of Two Zany Zebras is a busy one. She is a SAHM in Southern California who has two little ones, husband, blog, crafts and an online shop on Etsy. In her shop she introduces you to Zarkles who are charming characters that make nighttime easier and we all know that busy families need help with that sometimes.

From the shop announcement in her Etsy shop she tells you all about them.
Welcome to Two Zany Zebras where I specialize in all things zany! It is home of the Zarkles. Wondering what in the world is a Zarkle? They are whimsical creatures that are part of the Zarkle family. Each Zarkle has their own unique name, personality, and Zany Pocket Blankie to sleep in. They can also be a comfort at night and help keep all the scary things at bay. Two Zany Zebras also specialize in the Zany Cuddle Blankie, Super Zany Blankie, and Zany Pocket Blankie.

Her shop and blog show off a bright, friendly person who is worth getting to know. The Two Zany Zebra blog is a mix of family and craft business that makes it one you should bookmark and read often and when you do let her know the EtsyBloggers sent you!

Happy Birthday!

The shop owner of Mommy and Me Boutique is having a birthday! The EtsyBloggers Team sends best wishes for a great day!
Happy Birthday!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Happy Birthday!

Birthday greetings and best wishes go out to a new team member- Curious Mess!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Happy Birthday Shell Mitchell!

Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday dear Shell Mitchell
(who does beautiful things with cashmere)
Happy birthday to you!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Etsy Bloggers July 7 Edition

The July 7th edition of the Etsy Bloggers blog carnival has been posted at Storybeader's blog. It's a good read as always, check it out.
Thanks to Storybeader for hosting!

Our next blog carnival will be published on July 21. Info for this carnival is posted in the team message board.

Mini Monday - Colorful Dayz

Kelly King is the artist behind the Etsy shop Colorful Dayz. The shop opened in 2007 with a wonderful, whimsical array of original watercolors and prints. She also sews and uses fabric combinations in pillows, card cases and envelopes that are bright and pleasing to the eyes. The following is how she introduces herself in her Etsy shop profile-
A gypsy soul that has been creating since I was old enough to thread a needle. I love my child, my husband, dogs, travelling, riding motorcycles, and doodling, painting, gluing, altering and/or sewing on anything that doesn't run away from me.
She chronicles her life in southern Utah in a blog that covers family, friends, art and her home state. The blog is an enjoyable reading experience with just the right blend of business, art and personal topics. Take a look for yourself and when you leave a comment let her know the EtsyBloggers sent you!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday dear Spotted Cow Soaps
(Who makes wonderful soaps and crocheted things in Vermont)
Happy birthday to you!