Monday, July 30, 2007

New Carnival!

The Etsy Bloggers have a new carnival up hosted by AliciaMae and the theme is "Preparing for a Craft Fair". You can see the carnival here~

Check it out and thanks to AliciaMae for hosting this week!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

I'm here, really!!

Hey all,

I'm back, not that I was really gone or anything. I was taking a small break from the computer while Harry Potter consumed my life along with extra hours at work and such. And so, I apologize for completely ignoring my group!! Thanks to all who contributed to Collections and to Mallory for keeping it all together!

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Holy Blog Interviews Batman!

The response in the forums to 2 SHOP TUESDAYS is complete awesomeness.

Here's my post which introduces the series of interviews:

If you haven't responded yet, just pop in whenever.


Joey & Aleethea

Thursday, July 19, 2007


Hey EtsyBloggers!

I'm just popping in here to let you know that every Tuesday on my blog I will feature 2 shops.

And it's only for us Street Team members! Why? Because we ROCK. :)

I'd love to feature your shops on my blog.

Please see this forum thread for more info!

Rock on.

Joey & Aleethea

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Our first carnival!!

Yay, it's here!! Thanks to Mallory who hosted and got the ball rolling on this and to all the bloggers who participated! You can check out the carnival here.

Be sure to check out her FAQs page here for any questions on the carnivals and go here if you are interested in hosting one in the future.

At the Yahoo group, there's been tons of awesome brainstorming going on for blogging theme ideas! Check out the group, and join up if you haven't already!

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Of Deadlines and Such!

Hey all,

This Sunday, July 15, will be the last day to get your name on the member list for the Etsy Bloggers Street Team. Here is the thread to put your name on the list, so you can either post your request right there or convo me (Groovyvinyl). I will be sending the master list to Sara sometime Sunday night or Monday morning.

Sunday July 15 is also the deadline for submitting your blog entry for this week's group writing project. This week's theme is a tour of your craft studio/table/area--wherever you create!
Submit your permalink (which is just a fancy word for blog entry link) at this url~

If you have any question, give me a shout!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Blog Carnival and Hosting News


I'm back with some updates on the Blog Carnival front. Mallory, AKA MissMalaprop and dismantled on Etsy, has offered to host the first carnival. Not only that, but she set us up on the carnival and has offered to be the contact person for the hosting! So three big cheers to Mallory!

The theme will be a tour of your craft space/studio/table wherever you create. The deadline for the posts will be Sunday, July 15th and the carnival will start on Monday, July 16th. So here's the lowdown:

After you make your post for the week, submit the link to your post here~

The person who hosts will also choose the theme (sorry Mallory, I sort of stole that from you). If you would like to host, Mallory is the contact person. Convo her on Etsy ( with the following info:

*the date you want to host
*your email address
*your blog address
*your chosen theme/topic for that week

She also set up a page on her blog for people to keep track of who is hosting and what the theme is. The page is here~

That's it for now!

Monday, July 9, 2007

Blog Post Round Up!

I know that many of you have joined our Yahoo bloggers street team group--we are now 39 people strong over there. We have been discussing a better, easier way to bring all of our group writing posts together conveniently. Having a blog host definitely worked out awesome (thanks again Sandra of Joey & Aleethea for taking the reins last week--great, GREAT job! That was a lot of work!)

A short while back, Lis Kidder had suggested using Blog Carnival to do just this. Scroll down a bit to read what the Blog Carnival is all about--I had written a short entry about it recently. Mallory of Dismantled brought up the carnivals again last week on the Yahoo group and she has offered to start us out so that we can try it out. Go to to see where everyone can submit their posts and see what the theme is. We're going to start next week.

The deadline would be Sunday, July 15 and the first Etsy Bloggers Carnival would be on Monday, July 16. As for themes, we could go with what SixthandElm had suggested a while back and everyone does a tour of their crafting studio/craft space. What does everyone think?

Friday, July 6, 2007

What's the word on Orange, Street?

First of all, thanks you guys for having me as a guest blogger! This street team has been so much fun already and I'm surrounded by not only some seriously cool artists but also super sweet Etsians too.

If you don't already know, GroovyVinyl has rounded us up and sent us out on our first mission; this week's challenge is to blog about something orange.

Here's a link to that thread if you missed it: and also another here:

In one of the threads Lis Kidder said: "It would be sweet if there were a way to post teasers to each person's group blog post... the title and a few lines and a link to more info that could lead to their blog (in a new window). Hmmmmmm....."

Thank you Lis, and now for some freshly squeezed orange goodness!

See who's been blogging about orange and what everyone is blogging about:

"...has captured the essence of summer in a color way she calls Fruit Punch":

"...I used my hand dyed fabrics":

" plastic piece is part of a car turn signal cover":

"...a hot summer 2007 fashion color":

"...this art is so vibrant, and has such a sense of humor, that I was instantly drawn to it":

"...I click the fat orange Etsy rectangle, front page":

"...a canvas-like fabric which I imported from Japan":

"...Other colors are available but I really like the orange":

"...a fantastic project I can do using orange":

"Because I love flowers so very much... I often try to represent them, at least in spirit...":

"that is one of my favorite colors, I have many orange items":

"always fresh and eye-catching":

"Orange is beautiful! Etsy is beautiful!":

"I mixed the most wonderful hue":

"These two hang around my studio now waiting to be eaten one hot summer day":

"...the Beavers are the rivals. And there colors happen to be orange and black":

"...the perfect bowl to serve my Orange Chipotle Salsa!":

"...coral howlite, a deep reddish-orange that complements the gold tone nicely":

" husband calls me "Tiger lily":

"...Happy Independence Day!":

And if you're not listed above then be sure to leave a comment here or in that Etsy forum thread and show us what ya got!

Also thanks to Dashery Jewelry's blog for posting a list on her blog too.

Have fun everyone and be sure to check back here and in those forum threads for updates!

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Look, look!!

Look at our gorgeous new banner from Joey & Aleethea!! And that leads me to an impromptu Etsians post as inspired by Fearless Fibers. Allow me to gush a little bit here. Seriously, we have the nicest, coolest collection of people on Etsy that make it the great community that it is. They are people who want to get involved, love sharing ideas, helping each other to promote, and generally take time out of their busy schedules to give newbies advice on the forums and things like that. Most of us don't even know each other personally, ye we come together as a community on Etsy. You rock, Etsians!

Monday, July 2, 2007

Orange you glad you blog?

I know, I can hear the collective groaning of my bad pun! Today is the kickoff for the orange theme week! In case you haven't heard or forgot, this week we'll be doing a group writing project inspired by the color orange for Etsy. The challenge is to come up with a blog entry using the color orange as the theme, whether it is a project or craft you did or anything else--as long as it ties into Etsy somehow. The thread about it I had started a few days ago is here~

I'd resurrect it but I don't want to be annoying ;) I hope everyone has fun with this!

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Spreading the word of Etsy!

Fearless Fibers started an awesome thread on the forums regarding all of the sellers who blog banding together and spreading the word of Etsy via our blogs. Wouldn't it be great if we could assist her in this effort to tell the world what Etsy is all about--not just exclusively promoting our own shops, but promoting the philosophy of buying handmade and the supporting indie artists and crafters! Definitely do check out and post to that thread to keep it going if you can, and blog about the Etsy movement in your own blog!