Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Blog Carnival Reminder

Just a reminder: this week's blog carnival is coming up soon, so be sure to get your posts in!

This week's carnival will be hosted by SixthandElm.etsy.com and the theme is "The Story of your Craft". How did you "get into" what you do? Did you go to school for it? Learn from your Grandmother? Get inspired by something you saw or were part of? Teach yourself? What is the first thing you made, or the first moment you gained the confidence to do the confidence to do this for real? It's an opportunity to talk about the ONE inspiration or source that started the creative ball rolling for you.

Once you've posted on this topic, submit the link to your post for inclusion in the carnival. This week's carnival will be hosted this Monday, November 5th at sixthandelm.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Sixth & Elm

This week's Mini Monday featured seller is Sixth & Elm who joined Etsy in January of this year.

From the Etsy profile of Sixth & Elm-
"Oh dear. I find it very difficult to write a bio for myself; I'm too all over the place. I started crafting as a way to keep me occupied (I get bored easily with anything but making something) and now I have found it to be one of the most rewarding things in my life."

Sixth & Elm has a wonderful selection of gifts in her shop. She has eight sections for handcrafted work ranging from hard drive clocks to wood burned treasure boxes to beautifully beaded trees. One of my favorite things in her shop is a business card couch. To learn more about the artist behind Sixth & Elm take the time to read her blog. It is always time well spent in my opinion.

Sunday, October 28, 2007


Make sure and check here tomorrow for the EtsyBloggers Mini Monday featured seller. I will be posting in the morning Arizona time.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Etsy Mini Monday - Featured Etsy Seller Cozy

Good Monday! I'm Alicia of AliciaMae.etsy.com and it is my pleasure to be the guest blogger for this Etsy mini Monday feature of Cozy!

Buy Handmade

As you can see A Cozy Life offers beautiful handmade fabric items for your head and neck. With beautiful lace edging and vibrant patterns it's a wonder there is anything still left in stock! Personally, I'll be eyeing those scarves when I move north next year! And to think, she makes such wonderful warm things in Arizona! Keep an eye on her store, I'm sure there'll be more beautiful knitting, crocheting, and hemstitching (as her banner tells us!) in store for our buying pleasure...

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Weekly Blog Carnival

The latest edition of the weekly Etsy Bloggers blog carnival is coming up this Monday, October 22nd. Sara of SarasTextureCrafts.etsy.com will be hosting the carnival at her blog, Crafts of Texture. The theme this week is ‘The craft book that has become your bible’.

Always wanted to participate in or host the Etsy Bloggers carnival but not sure how? Be sure to check out the FAQ, and if you still have any questions, fire away!

Submitting your post each week is simple. Just make a blog post on the current week's theme (you can find the full list here) and then go here before midnight on Sunday (Eastern Standard Time) to submit it. You'll just be asked to submit your name & email (which will not be made public & only shared with that week's host in case they have a question or problem). Most importantly, it will ask for your Permalink URL. Not sure what this is? It's the link to the individual post - not the link to your whole blog. Most blogs are set up so that the title of each post is clickable, and if you click the title you will be brought to a page that just shows that post and maybe some comments. The url to this page is what you need - the permalink url.

Interested in hosting? (October 29th is still available!)
Just contact me at mallory [AT] missmalaprop [DOT] com with the following info:
the date you’d like to host
your email address
your blog address
your chosen theme/topic for your week

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Alicia Mae

Just in time for Halloween, our second Etsy Mini Monday Star is AliciaMae, home of fantastic costume masks and other make-believe mischief. She is also a maker after my own heart, creating wood burned boxes to house innumerable treasures. There's just something about an empty box that screams possibility, and hers scream with a charming Irish accent.

My favorite items from her extensive Halloween repository include her inspirational wooden bead necklaces and the (wonderfully authentic-like) magician wands, at a price any mother witch could love.

AliciaMae is donating 10% of all proceeds up to October 31 to the Snowflake Animal Rescue in Raleigh, NC, so now is a perfect time to buy. Although she is on vacation this week, any sales until her return will be shipped on October 19th, just in time for the scariest night of the year!

Monday, October 8, 2007


Congrats to Rekoj for being the very first EtsyBlogger featured on our new weekly event entitled EtsyMini Mondays!

My favorite item from Rekoj's shop is this pretty tank top:

Be sure to checkout all the great items in Rekoj's shop here: http://rekoj.etsy.com

Stay tuned every week for a new featured seller!

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

This blog's stats...

This graph is one week of data showing this blog'a stats from Monday Sept. 3rd - Monday Sept. 10th

See below post for our NEW WEEKLY EVENT entitled EtsyBloggers EtstMini Mondays!!

EtsyBloggers EtsyMini Mondays!

Hi everyone!

I'm launching a new weekly bit of fun stuff for us. :D

It's called "EtsyBloggers EtsyMini Mondays" and it will be a public blog post here on our team blog which will feature an Etsy Mini from 1 lucky member of our team.
Basically it will be a weekly promotion on our blog which spotlights one team member, every week.

Then we can each check here every Monday and comment to tell our team member how completely awesome their stuff is. Are ya with me?

The official EtsyBloggers EtsyMini Mondays will begin next Monday, 10/08/07.

So I'm looking for a volunteer from our EtsyBloggers team to take this on and maintain this on a weekly basis. The volunteer will be a weekly guest blogger for our team, and will post an Etsy mini to this here team blog every week - either over the weekend or on Monday mornings. Someone who is comfy using Etsy mini code and who knows how to a) edit the shop id of the EtsyMini and b) insert the Etsy mini into a blog. The guest blogger can either simply insert the EtsyMini code and that's it...or they can also add to the post by writing whatever they'd like, underneath the EtsyMini. That way the EtsyMini will always be the very first item within the post.

Then, once the EtsyMini is posted here on our blog, it will allow anyone from our team to start a thread on the Etsy forums, either under EtsyTeams or under the Promotions section and let us know that the EtsyBloggers EtsyMini Mondays is up! That way we can also support our team there on the Etsy forums too.

Please keep this in mind: The title of the forum post must always contain the word EtsyBloggers - that way it will be easy to search for the forum thread and help bump it up to keep it going all week long.

How will we pick who is to be featured weekly here on our team blog?
Good question. Just comment here on this post and be sure to include your Etsy user ID and you'll be featured in the order of your comment! So the first person to comment here will be our very first feature on Oct. 8th. The second person to comment here will be spotlighted here on Oct. 15th. And so on.

How do I find my Etsy user ID?
Your Etsy user ID is a #, you can see it if you go to your shop and look at the address bar (URL) atop the page. For example when I go to my shop joeyandaleethea.etsy.com I see this http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=80947 and so my user id is 80947.

Any questions? Suggestions? Lemme know!

Joey & Aleethea