Friday, May 30, 2008

A Birthday and a Sale!

If you take a look at this shop you will find that Nyblaque is having a birthday today and to celebrate she is having a sale. We all hope the best for both!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Did you know

that Amy of Spitting Image is having a birthday? Well she is and we hope it is a day she really enjoys!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Best wishes for a great birthday are going out to our EtsyBloggers Street Team Member 27lauriebethbeggin of the shop The Looking Glass!
Happy to You!

Monday, May 26, 2008

Mini Monday with Dashery Jewelry

Today I would like to introduce Lorian. She is a long time Etsy seller from Oklahoma. She has been a seller on Etsy since August of 2006. This is what she would like you to know-
I just adore the artist community feeling of Etsy!
Hi! I'm Lorian & I love to create jewelry!

Art has always been a part of my life, but making art to wear is a more recent addiction. I love to use Sterling silver and natural gemstones in my pieces as well as copper and crystals.

I have been selling my items for a few years now. I started out how most people do- I sold to friends and family, then to family of friends and friends of family. I love being able to make custom sized bracelets and necklaces for myself, and I would love to do custom work for you too!

To keep up to date on the life of this busy jewelry artist you can always go to the Dashery Blog. You will find out all the latest in her shop and among her many Etsy friends.

Etsy Bloggers May 26 Blog Carnival

The May 26th edition of the Etsy Bloggers Blog Carnival has been posted at GeekxNerd. You may read it HERE.
Thanks to GeekxNerd for hosting & thanks to all the members who participated in this carnival.

Other Etsy Blogger Blog Carnival News:

The team blog carnivals have been changed to bi-weekly. There will be 2 themes to choose from, please pick 1 to write about.
The next carnival will be published on June 9. Submissions are due by June 6. See the message board for details on the June 9 carnival.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Happy To You

That is the way my now 2 year old granddaughter sang the song last week.
Happy to you
Happy to you
So here is happy to you Park City Girl!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Mini Monday for Macaroni and Glue

The name of this shop may hint at childish art but there is none of that here. This shop is run by a fellow EtsyBlogger from Texas who wants you to know-
I'm a stay-at-home mom, political activist and veteran entrepreneur. I love creating stationery items that are truly a pleasure to send and receive. Learn more about me, my process, my business, my politics, and my life at

May 19 Edition Etsy Bloggers Blog Carnival

The May 19 edition of the Etsy Bloggers Blog Carnival has been posted at Stormy Designs. You may read it HERE.

The theme is "Memorial Day". Thanks to all those members who participated.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Celebrating our Members

Today two of our fellow bloggers and etsy lovers are having birthdays. Please join in wishing them both a wonderful day!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Om Shanti Handcrafts

Today's mini Monday features the lovely shop Om Shanti Handcrafts. Nestled on the east side of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado the shop owner has this to say about herself.
I'm Kate. Pleased to meetcha!

I'm a writer and a seeker, an herbalist and a maker. Owned by three cats. I live in beautiful Colorado, just east of the Rocky Mountains. I got into making herbal things two years ago, jewelry this summer, and couldn't stop! I'm having so much fun I need to sell things to make space and buy more materials to make more things from.

May 12 Edition of the Etsy Bloggers Blog Carnival

The May 12 edition of the Etsy Bloggers Blog Carnival has been posted at this week's host, Doodlesprouts. You can read this edition HERE. It's a great read as always so check it out!
Thanks to Doodlesprouts for doing a great job of hosting!


Other team blog carnival news:

Call for submissions for the May 19 edition of the Etsy Bloggers Blog Carnival. The theme is "Memorial Day". Get the scoop at the team message board. Deadline is Friday May 16 midnight EST for submissions for this carnival.

Friday, May 9, 2008

One Birthday, Two Shops

Today's team member with a birthday has two shops. They are Blooming Lily and Elleabelle. Happy birthday to you from your team!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Mini Monday becomes..

This week our mini Monday feature becomes a Terrific Tuesday post and this week is about Lost and Found. Annette of Lost and Found wants you to know from her profile
I joined Etsy to have an outlet for my love of making things made from found or repurposed things. I believe in the idea that individuals can make a difference, plus I'm all about the handmade, organic, eco friendly lifestyle. The thought that I have saved a tree, or kept one less item from a landfill is exciting to me. I am intrigued by what other uses I can find for objects that would otherwise be thrown out. Quality over quantity; I am very detail oriented and thoughtful.

In the product description for this piece the artist asks
What are birds thinking about? What images do they see and store in their minds eye?

I would say that the attention she shows to quality and detail is obvious in the piece above. If you would like to learn more about this artist you can look at her blog or stop by her shop.

Featured EtsyBlogger May 2008

Last month we began a new team event - the monthly Featured EtsyBlogger!

That's when an awesome member of our EtsyBloggers street team will be announced as our team's Featured EtsyBlogger and all team members will then blog about our Featured EtsyBlogger sometime during the month. How cool is that?!

By now the EtsyBloggers already know this month's member who will star in her very own fun-filled and action-packed event...the Featured EtsyBlogger!!

But for the rest of you who don't yet know...and without further delay...the Featured EtsyBlogger for May!!!!! woohooo!!!!!!

Cozy, if ya didn't already know, is the lovely and super active member of our team who is always so helpful to all of us in various different ways.

She monitors the calendar and checks to see if any of us EtsyBloggers are having a birthday...and then...she gives us all a happy boost to our birthdays when she posts our very own EtsyMini up on the team blog whenever one of us has a birthday! How awesome is that??

Cozy is also one of the two members who writes up all of those fab articles on our team blog every week, for the EtsyMini Mondays!

Here are the links to where you can find Cozy:


All EtsyBloggers members can see this thread for the Featured EtsyBlogger FAQ

Want a neat graphic for your blog to show your team support for our Featured EtsyBlogger? Get it from our website! It's located in the table which lists all of our team events:

*** If you already have the graphic from April's Featured EtsyBlogger then please be sure you've changed the code so that it points to ***

So let's all get bloggy with it...and during the month of May, show your love for our Featured EtsyBlogger!! Yaay Cozy!!!

Team News!

Calling all EtsyBloggers...yoohoooooooo!!

There's lots of new and exciting stuff going on with our team!!
So be sure to checkout these 4 new threads at our message board:

Blogging Tips...and what's your opinion?

EtsyBloggers team tag

EtsyBloggers Shop and EtsyMini

BloggyGoodness (a new event in the works)

Posted by Joey & Aleethea
Your EtsyBloggers Admin & Team Leader

Monday, May 5, 2008

May 5 Edition of the Etsy Bloggers Blog Carnival

The May 5 edition of the Etsy Bloggers Blog Carnival has been posted at Love, Jewelry & Poetry By Me. You can read it HERE. The theme for this edition is "Mother's Day" and some souls were bared for this, don't miss reading this edition.
Thanks to team member Nyblaque for hosting through what was an eventful week of Blog Carnival being down and submissions not received. We made it through though,thanks to everyone's patience & thanks to all who participated.
Other Blog Carnival news:

Call for submissions for the May 12 edition of the Etsy Bloggers.
The theme is "Spring Bloom” The idea being how you are blooming in your craft, as a person/parent, gardener, or just life in general.

Please submit your blog post for this carnival at BEFORE midnight EST on Friday May 9 AND post your link in the message board discussion for May 12.
Late, off topic submissions and submissions other than those by Etsy Bloggers members will not be included.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Have a Happy One!

Okay everyone sing along-
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday dear Jewel of the I
Happy birthday to you.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Happy Birthday!

Best wishes for a wonderful day go out to Sharlotte of the shop Studio Sharlotte.
Happy Birthday to You!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Happy Birthday to Anthrid

Anthrid of Den of a Thoughtful Rabbit is having a birthday and we hope it is a wonderful one!