Friday, February 29, 2008

Happy Birthday to You!

Happy birthday dear Peldyn!

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Today There Are Two...

Birthdays that is. Two of our team members should be celebrating birthdays today and we want you to know about it. Best wishes go out to Time2Cre8 and Gina DeSantis.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Wonderful Wednesday

Today's featured shop is Eye Pop Art. This artist has had national recognition that you can certainly understand by looking around her shop. Based in Portland, Oregon, she has been an Etsy seller since August of 2006.

From the shop's profile section this is what she would like you to know-

"My name is Christine Claringbold and I have been painting since 1994. I love creating intricate, psychedelic mandala designs and painting them on unusual reclaimed materials, and I especially love the process of upcycling vinyl records.

The interior of my home in Portland, Oregon, adorned with psychedelic mandalas on walls and ceilings, is featured on two episodes of HGTV's "Look What I Did," the show about "homeowners who break the design mold." One of these segments, "Psychedelic in Portland," will air for the third time on December 25 at 5:00 pm ET/PT.

I was also featured in a holiday spot on HGTV's "That's Clever!" demonstrating my Snowman Record Bowl on December 14 at 11:00 am ET/PT.

I have been in business since 2003. I am also a mom, an art teacher, and a back-up singer in a punk rock band. My designs have been published in Tattoo Flash Magazine, and my record products have been reviewed by Venus Zine, National Geographic Traveler, Brainstorm Northwest magazine, and blogs including Great Green Goods and Wickedly Chic.

I am a member of Trillium Artisans, Etsy Trashion, Etsy Bloggers, PDX Etsy, and Eco Etsy.


I ship via USPS priority mail. I will convo you with a delivery confirmation number after I ship. I always ship within two days of receiving your order. I am happy to ship internationally.

Please contact me if you have any questions, and thanks for visiting my shop! Etsy rocks!"

Blog Love

Did you know about this?

There is a daily Etsy forum thread which is..."Garnering anywhere from 75-100 posts daily with links to recently updated blogs, Etsy members can keep up on each others' daily musings simply with the aid of this thread. It's a great resource to check daily for new faces, old favorites, people who might swap links with your blog and just to get a little insight into what makes other Etsy members tick."

That's an excerpt from a Storque article.

Who wrote the article? Sara, an Etsy Admin and seller a.k.a. SaraWearsSkirts.

The very informative article in The Storque is about blogging and is entitled "Etsy Sellers Who Blog / Blog Love".

It's good stuff.

You can find it here.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Tuesday with a Mini

Continuing to feature those that were missed today we are showing off the shop Sara's Texture Crafts. This seller is located in London and joined Etsy in April 2007. The shop has an assortment of items including jewelry, headbands, bags and paper goods. My personal favorite is this headband-
What follows if from her profile on Etsy and checking out profiles is always a great way to get to know a bit more about any artisan there.

"I have been working as a Fashion Designer for some years now and have always been fascinated by textured embellishments, from small decorations to all over fabric techniques. My style of texture decoration comes from combining both conventional and unconventional disciplines. For example free-machine embroidery can be great on its own, but why not mix it with another discipline like; felting, embroidery or weaving? I try to approach all crafts with the same way – why not mix it up a bit?

In late 2006 I became freelance and working solely on project based jobs I found my workload became much more flexible. That’s when I came up with the idea of putting my crafty passions in to action and work for myself. I opened Sara’s Texture Crafts in January 2007 and since then have been working on two main areas, firstly my ‘Boutiques’ selling my own creations and secondly my ‘Craft Shop’ concentrating on kits and equipment to help fellow artists.

Here in my Etsy Boutique I hope to be able to bring you the crafts and techniques that have been inspiring me recently, from finished artworks to bags, clothing accessories, jewellery, homeware and wedding items.

I am a proud member of JET (Jewelry on Etsy), Etsy Bloggers and UK Seller Street Teams and I also run the ‘Etsy Profiles’ blog at"

To learn even more you can take a look at her blog right here.

Monday, February 25, 2008

This week's Blog Carnival

Better late than never! Many thanks to Stormy Designs for getting this week's carnival up. It was an open call and anything head on over to Stormy's blog and see what everyone had to write about.

Rosebud Designs Mini Monday

Rosebud Designs has been an etsy seller since its early days. She joined in September 2005. The shop (where creativity sprouts) is a fantastic mix of crocheting, jewelry and paper goods.
On her blog she generously features other independent artists. It is certainly worth reading and looking at for all the wonderful eye candy you can find there.

This Sacramento, California crafter talks about herself and her creative life in her shop profile -

I'm a crafter, avid blogger and all-around goofball.

I love crocheting, knitting, playing with polymer clay and paper, and making beaded jewelry.

Many things at my wee shop can be custom made ... just drop me a line if you're interested in something of a different color or shape. I make lots of custom hats for people, too, from simple stripes to a Texas Longhorn!

I'm a huge sports fan, and so are a lot of my friends, so I especially like making people hats in their favorite team's colors!

And do check out my blog about indie shops & crafty goodies, indie*galore --!

What's Happening?

Sometimes real life gets in the way of blogging. That is what happened to Sixth and Elm and me this last month of so. I am back from a needed trip to see family in California and am planning to catch up here during this week. Computer time was limited while I was away more than I thought it would be but birthdays and mini Mondays were not forgotten. Sixth and Elm will hopefully be back soon because her beautiful writing always inspires me to do better.

Look for missed birthdays and mini Monday features to start appearing later on today as I figure out who was missed.


Saturday, February 16, 2008

Birthday Greetings!

Since I am away from home and borrowing a computer at a family gathering I thought I'd take the time to do all the birthdays while I had the chance.
Best wishes go out to selfproduction and lazycat

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Happy Birthday!

Tootsie Grace is having a birthday! Her shop has changed to Elegant Snobbery. You can also send her best wishes on her blog. Tell the Etsy Bloggers Street Team sent you!

Monday, February 11, 2008

Special Valentine's Day Blog Carnival!

Tulip's Treasure Box has been kind enough to be the host blog for this week's very lovey, er lovely, Etsy Blogger Blog Carnival. Why don't ya show a little love and take a peek?

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Doodle Sprouts and Scottie Acres Boutique

We have two members with birthdays today. Best wishes for a great day from the Etsy Bloggers Street Team!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Happy Birthday

Happy birthday to Belle Tower!

Monday, February 4, 2008

Blog Carnival for Feb 4th

This week's Blog Carnival is up and ready for your reading pleasure!

Check it out here on Stormy Designs' blog.

Posted by Joey & Aleethea

Belated Birthday and Mini Monday

Today's feature is MOHDesigns. This shop features handpainted wood accessories inspired by nature. There are charming animals, pencil toppers and hair sticks that all have fish, bird and animal themes.

Visit the shop and let her know you found her on the EtsyBloggers blog.

I missed posting a birthday mini for Butterfly Jewelry yesterday. I am sorry. I do hope that it was an enjoyable day for you.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Birthday Greetings for Renee

It's the birthday of the woman behind the work at Candy Stick Lane. Taka a look at her shop or stop by her blog to say happy birthday.