Monday, January 19, 2009

Mini Monday Featuring THE FAB MISS B

Website: Becky Kazana
"Whimsical gift cards from my original artwork"
Under the Sea
A pretty mermaid swims across this card with a few aquatic friends. Flip the card over...Shop: The Fab Miss B
The Fab Miss B is a one woman extravaganza dedicated to finding unique handmade and vintage things for you and your home. Come in and Find one of a kind.
"I found this beautiful ox bone perfume bottle at a market in Xi'an China. Xi'an was the ancient capital of China and also the end point of the silk road. It is now home to a large Muslim community who sell handicrafts to tourists. This small perfume bottle was carved by hand and decorated with branches, flowers, a bumble bee and a moth."

Blog: The Fab Miss B
"If the twenties are about improvisation, I feel like Thelonious Monk. In the last three years, hubby and I have bounced around the world; through Africa, Europe, China and now the American Southwest. This blog is a sketchbook I fill with the inspiration I find around me everyday."


Anonymous said...


I really enjoyed learning a little something about you...


panoptica said...


The Fab Miss B said...

Thanks so much for the feature! Here's the link to my other etsy shop, please stop in and say hello!



uniquecommodities said...

Nice items! At first glance I thought the mermaid was the work of Carapace!

SpiritMama said...

Wonderful art by fantastic bloggers!

Shell Mitchell said...

Yay Becky!

Jenna Hansen said...

Great feature! Love the picture of you, I want a pretty parasol :-) Your mermaid card is stunning. Have a great weekend!


The Fab Miss B said...

Thanks so much you guys. I'm touched! :)