Monday, April 27, 2009

Happy, Happy!

Forgive me for being late with the birthday greetings. I was in California visiting with a brother I don't see often on the regular day which is Friday for such posts. Saturday was a travel day and Sunday I spent reconnecting with Jim. I am back home now and ready for a routine that is more usual.
On to the celebrations!

First of all we have the dear leader of our EtsyBloggers group, Joey & Aleethea. She can't have a mini for her birthday because her shop is temporarily closed. It has something to do with 2 children, a dog, a job change and a move to a new state and new home. You can stop by her blog to wish her happy birthday though. Just go right here.

Other birthday wishes go out to the shop Motley Boutique.

Happy birthday from all of us to you both!

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AliciaMae said...

Happy birthday! :)

BTW, this blog has been given an award on one of my blogs.