Monday, April 13, 2009

etsyBloggers Mini Monday featuring ...

"I'm Jenni B (Bee) and I have been sewing professionally since 1999. I started to get so many custom orders that I decided to open up shop! I enjoy designing as much as creating, so I rarely create two of the same thing."
Established: May 2007

"We are two sisters (L Black in WA and J Brighton in AK)"
Established: April 2008

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Member of:
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♥ EtsyBloggers Team ♥ search 'etsybloggers' September 2008
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♥ Team EcoEtsy ♥ search 'teamecoetsy'

Wow! This peep gets things done! All while awaiting the arrival of a new little one...Congrats!!!

Oh, did I mention Jenni also has an awesome blog? Guess living in Alaska has it perks!

Jenni says, "I ♥ custom orders and trades!"

Jenni, I will trade vacations...Me to Alaska, You to Florida...whatcha say? I see the temperature you have posted on your blog. It was 89 here yesterday, we went fishing/catching - 8 keeper sea trout. Dinner was yum, yummy... hehehehehe

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