Monday, December 1, 2008

Mini Monday - Kalkat

We've been making and designing OOAK pieces of jewelry for over 5 years now. We love making beautiful things that are shiny and compliment others. We use only quality sterling silver, gemstones and Swarovski crystals in each of our designs. Each piece is handmade with lots of love and care.

With lots of love and care is the guiding motto of all of the artisans I know. It is the feelings behind each creation that makes buying handmade so much more special than massed produced items from the big box stores. In giving or receiving a handmade gift you are spreading to the world around you more of that love and care and isn't that exactly what we all need? If you are or know a lover of finely handcrafted jewelry don't miss the chance to own one of these beautiful pieces for your self.

The blog connected to all this artistry is a collaboration of 2 busy moms. You are greeted with music as you explore the writing and the images shared with you there. Go ahead, check out the shop and the blog. It is a good way to spend some time I promise.


Kathy and Carrie said...

Thanks for the Fabulous write up....big smiles!

Virginia Burnett said...

What beautiful things! I really need to make even more time to browse other Esty Bloggers' shops - I've not seen Kalkat's work before. :) Good job, you two!

Anonymous said...

Great feature! I love their zodiac necklaces. So fab!!