Wednesday, December 3, 2008

I heart EtsyHacks!

Have you met EtsyHacks?
Wow are you in for some good times!

What are EtsyHacks?
I'd describe them as the kinds of tools that you've secretly wished existed on Etsy.
And now they do.


EtsyHacks will make your life easier, and your Etsy more fun.

Can it be? Check em out.
You'll want to blog about your new found happiness.

Then bring your happy over to these forum threads, and spread the love:


Random Musings said...

somehow that name just doesnt set well with me

maryeb said...

Thanks for the info. I'll look it over.

QuirkyDolls said...

Is every thing kosher with etsy? Wouldn't want to get the admin.s annoyed

Tracy said...

I love etsyhacks - I have downloaded heaps of stuff - it has been very helpful, I especially like the stuff for the forums

schoollocker said...

Etsyhacks is the absolute best addition to etsy in about 2 years. These tools have made a tremendous difference in the way I am able to efficiently run my shop & manage my business. The hacks run on Firefox with greasemonkey; they are secure & safe.

Ian Malpass said...

random musings: You mean the "hacks" bit? It's a geek usage of the word, meaning a workaround or clever fix for something, rather than "hack into".

quirkydolls: Etsy basically tolerates third-party tools as long as they don't cause problems for by overloading the servers, etc. The Greasemonkey scripts on Etsyhacks do all their work in your web browser, so there's little extra load on