Monday, April 7, 2008

Stormy Designs Mini-Monday

A magical mini-monday is a fantastic way to start off this month and showcase our featured blogger, Stormy Designs. I've been a fan of Stormy since I have met her, both for her talent as a clay artist, and for all she has added to our fantastic street team and the time she puts into co-coordinating the weekly blog carnivals.

Her simply-put profile statement explains that; "Stormy Designs offers unique sculptures, art, home decor, art jewelry and accessories for your shopping pleasure. All of my creations are hand-made with love."

One stop at her shop will prove to you that she is a uniquely talented artist, using not only shape, but beautiful pearly colours and blends to create polyclay magic.

Do not forget to stop by her blog at for news on the shop, life and adventures on the internet.

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