Monday, April 21, 2008

MemoriesForLifeSB Etsy-Mini Monday!

I love browsing a shop where it is clear that the artist loves her work, and that is what I found while researching today's Mini-Monday. Edi started out simply enough: making cards with rubber stamps, eventually graduating to scrapbooking, and she now makes her own embellishments, decorations, albums and other notions. Her claim that she can make almost anything from paper is truly not boasting, I believe she can.

Working a full-time job and studying for her MBA do not seem to limit her creativity and you can tell she loves what she does as she most probably has to go without sleep to get it all done! Check out her blog at for works in progress, sources of her inspiration and updates on everything Edi!


Anonymous said...

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storybeader said...

visited your shop and you've got some really good ideas for albums. Esp. like the friends and flip-flops. Really cute!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful work. Sounds like you really grew into it!