Friday, April 18, 2008

EtsyMini Birthdays FAQs

Got a birthday? Fabulous! Then you've got an EtsyMini on our team blog!

Have you ever noticed the Birthday shout-outs given to members here on our team blog? Have you wished a team member a Happy Birthday lately?

Did you know there is one very awesome person behind all of those EtsyMini birthdays?

Do you know who it is? It's our very own Cozy of and

Cozy has been posting the EtsyMini Birthdays for our team for quite a while now! How does Cozy know your birthday? She's just real crafty like that!'ve gotta let her know by simply including it in your Profile over at our team message board.

Not sure if your birthday is listed in your profile?

- Go check! Click the "Calendar" link located underneath our EtsyBloggers banner at the Message Board.

Need to add your birthday to your profile?

- Click the "Profile" link located underneath our EtsyBloggers banner at the Message Board.

- Then click "Modify Profile".

- And if you edit anything, just be sure to Save your changes.

So, there's no need to signup anywhere!

Cozy will post an EtsyMini from your shop on your birthday! woohoo!! Isn't it super sweet to have your EtsyMini featured on our team blog on your birthday??

A big big THANK YOU to Cozy for doing all this work for her team, and for being so super kind.

So let's all thank Cozy!!

Comment here on our blog or in this message board thread:

Visit her shop:

Visit her blog:

and spread some EtsyBloggers love!


Shell Mitchell said...

Thanks Cozy!!

Cozy said...

You are most welcome. I love doing the birthdays! All the mini minis make the blog so colorful!

Lily - Tulip's Talking from the said...

Just in case: 08/04

Laughing Out Loud Lily.. ;>0