Monday, February 16, 2009

etsyBloggers Team Mini Monday KRISTINE KENNEDY

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Kristine is a talented Artist in a variety of venues, to include creating scales models such as this one ...
and this Acrylic rendering of Act III CarmenProduction Design such as this for: "First Landing"
A story of the first British Colonists to land and settle
in America, in Virginia at Jamestown.

Short Biography: A career in film, television and theater production has taken me to such places as New York City, Los Angeles, New Jersey, Hawaii, and North Carolina, but I have found my home and inspiration in the Coastal Islands of Georgia, just outside historic downtown Savannah.
My jewelry making is heavily influenced by the beauty that is the Lowcountry of Georgia and South Carolina. Walks on the beach, the cry of the seagull, and the playful dolphins have worked their way into several pieces. I try to capture the essence of sea foam, the marsh grasses under moonlight, the pull of the waves….
My other major influence was my experience working on the film The New World by Terrence Maleck as a crafts person. The ability to work with a large group of talented artisans, using unique tools, building techniques, and materials, while learning about the Native American culture was truly inspiring. My first piece was made from materials used on the film and inspired by the color palette of the movie. I wore that necklace to the cast and crew premier of the film and my passion for jewelry making, bead collecting, and story telling through art has grown unabated since.
I also work in mixed media, collage and photography and intend to incorporate all of this experience into the jewelry pieces that I create for your enjoyment.I have been creating art in one form or another since I was a child, and am constantly evolving and developing my style, medium and approach to craft.
I look forward to sharing with you the ever evolving body of work as it develops.

Encrusted Turquoise Bracelet

Website: (film and television digital portfolio)

I am truly amazed and honored to be the one assigned to create this feature today. Christine is one of the most multi-talented artisans that I have had the pleasure of knowing as a teammate, and for the opportunity of learning so much more than I could have imagined.


Anonymous said...

An amazing artisan to say the least. And BTW,
you much check out this fab advertising opportunity!

storybeader said...

that bracelet is very beautiful - I just love it! (of course I would be attracted to the jewelry...)

The Fab Miss B said...

What a cool backstory! Thanks for sharing!

*Evelyn* said...

HELLO, I received a comment on my blog that now i'm an member of this team, but i can't enter in the forum, i need a invite?
let me know

cindy said...

Great online portfolio. I really enjoyed viewing it.