Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Mini Monday Featuring Panoptica

Today the EtsyBloggers are introducing you to Jimena of the shop Panoptica. As it says on the store banner you will find "a little bit of this, a little bit of that, a little bit of zest for life". This cheerful way of looking at things show through in the store profile quoted below.
Aloha!! Thanks for visiting Panoptica.
Green Ivy Bottlecap Brooch
I'm gonna tell you about me, the crafter behind this store. My name is Jimena, and I live in Mexico City. I was born on June 23rd, 1988. I am a college student; my major is political science and international relations. School kind of occupies most of my time (all that homework, papers, research, etc, etc.), but I still manage to party a bit. On that much needed free time I read nice books, draw, watch movies, go out with my friends, and craft.

Although I've been crafting for a long time, it wasn't until recently that I decided I was going to make it a business, a serious one. I had sold my stuff before, but I wasn't consistent. So on my 20th birthday, I finally asked my Dad for his credit card so I could register on Etsy as a seller. And TA-DA, here I am, and here is Panoptica.

So, what IS Panoptica anyway? First of all, it is not my concept. It all started with Jeremy Bentham in the 18th century when he wrote a book about a prison called the panopticon. Although the concept is kind of grim, the ethymology of the word simply means 'to see all'. I thought that was a pretty neat idea, so I repurposed it to the meaning of seeing all the interesting things there are in the world.

Vintage Pan Am Stewardess Badge
So, I strive to make and do interesting things, even if I can only do it part-time. I walk around the city; I smile at people on the subway. I eavesdrop. I like colors, the sky, sunny days, but I also love rain and umbrellas. I spend hours on the internet. I read magazines, but I also read the newspaper. I type on my typewriter. I go to museums and concerts and events. I think all day long, and that is how the stuff is made.

Most of my products are handmade, but I also sell some vintage because it is so fun to hunt for it. The handmade stuff is designed, made, photographed, packaged, listed, sold and sent by me, Jimena. I don't like others having the same things I do, so I extend that to my store. I try to make innovative products and make them unique too. I use recycled and upcycled materials in a teeny tiny effort to help the environment.

I am very enthusiastic about cooperating in fun projects. I am open to trades. I am open to wholesaling. If you have any question, comment, proposal, please convo me, and I'll be sure to answer back on a timely manner.
Ticking Clock Bottlecap BroochPanoptica, or rather the shop owner Jimena, is part of what makes the EtsyBloggers a global community. She joins us from Mexico and tells more about living there in her blog. I will have to admit that somehow this blog wasn't on my Google reader list but it certainly is now. Go on over and take a look!


Cards By Jenna said...

Great feature! Off to visit your blog Jimena!


Panoptica said...

What a cool surprise!!! Thanks cozy...

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How cool! I wish I had such a neat story behind my name...love it :)

Cozy said...

Love your shop and your blog. You are most welcome for the post!

Kathy and Carrie said...

I love the title and it's meaning behind it. Wow how cool. Great write up...

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WOW Pudding! I just learned so much... excellent feature for a well deserved artisan and etsyBloggers friend!


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