Monday, July 28, 2008

Mini Monday - Story Beader

Today we are showing you Storybeader of Oklahoma. This jewelry artist combines the beauty of her work with words. Every necklace comes with a haiku made specifically for each piece.

As an example the necklace above comes with this haiku-
She walked through the door
With the bright star reflecting
In her deep blue eyes.

You can follow her life as an artist and frustrated writer in the Storybeader blog. The blog shares her life in Oklahoma and her love of literature as well as spotlighting other artists.

Beyond bead work and blogging she is a generous member of the EtsyBloggers Team. You can find her on our forum threads on Etsy, active on the message board and participating in the blog carnivals. Getting to know this artist has been a plus in many lives including mine.
Ladybug strolled through
Leaves and bark before she reached
Her fav sunflower.
- Deborah Baroff, the storybeader

Check out the shop and the blog and let her know the Etsybloggers sent you!


storybeader said...

well, how sweet! You surprised me with the feature (didn't think it was turn for quite a while.)

The etsybloggers have filled my life with lots of new friends and experiences. Cozy, thanks for all your hard work.

Anonymous said...

Congrats Ms. Storybeader. You are very deserving, and nice too! Glad you were chosen, happy to be getting to know you.

x0 ~Lily

TNT2008 said...

Congratulations! Your necklaces are sublime!:)

Colorfuldayz said...

Congrats! So well deserved. I am totally in love with that top necklace, by the way!!!