Monday, July 21, 2008

Mini Monday - A Keeper's Jackpot

This Mini Monday feature shows off the work in the shop A Keeper's Jackpot who also happens to be our featured blogger for the month of July. From her shop profile she wants you to know -

A Keeper's Jackpot is an anagram using the nicknames of my husband, myself, and our two cats. I got into beading after my sister gave me a handmade beaded necklace as a gift a couple years ago. I've expanded my interests to wire wrapping, wire crochet, and polymer clay. My newest endeavor is decoupage, so look for some pendants in the future! It has become a hobby, and hopefully a way to make a little money on the side.

I am a medical technologist for my full-time job and I work in a hospital laboratory. When I'm not working or making jewelry, I really love to go hiking.

Full time work in a hospital laboratory, hiking around her beautiful home state, an Etsy shop, a fantastic blog and an active team member make this someone you want to get to know. We are all happy she is part of the EtsyBloggers Team.

There is a picture of this amazing EtsyBlogger. It is a hiking shot from her blog. With such beauty around her it is easy to see why she enjoys hiking around her home state.


storybeader said...

a mischievous white bar!?!
well, it's a great photo and a nice description on a real talented lady - love reading her post and
watching what she's up to next. Thanks Cozy!

Cozy said...

I didn't do the white bar on purpose. I kept trying to get the photo from her blog and could not get it to show up here!

A Keeper's Jackpot said...

Thanks for the mini!

It's ok Cozy :)

Not like I'm hot stuff any other time, but when I'm hiking I'm especially not photogenic anyway, LOL.