Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Featured EtsyBlogger June 2008

Our Featured EtsyBlogger for the entire month of June is.......AliciaMae!! yaayyy!!!

Since the start of the EtsyBloggers message board way back in August of 2007, AliciaMae has been active on the board and everywhere our team is, and totally helpful and supportive too!

She's a super busy gal, with not 1, not 2, but 3 Etsy shops!!!
Lots of good stuff to be written about her this month, for sure.


Here are the links to where you can find AliciaMae:

shop 1: AliciaMae.etsy.com
shop 2: AliciaMaePrints.etsy.com
shop 3: randomsupplies.etsy.com

blog: xanga.com/aliciamae_8
site: aliciamae.com


See this thread for the Featured EtsyBlogger FAQ:


And after you blog about AliciaMae, be sure to come back here to this thread and post the link to your blog's feature, any day in June.

Want a neat graphic for your blog to show your team support for our Featured EtsyBlogger? Get it from our website! It's located in the table which lists all of our team events: http://etsybloggers.com

*** If you already have the graphic from May's Featured EtsyBlogger then please be sure you've changed the code so that it points to http://www.xanga.com/aliciamae_8 ***

So let's all show our love this month for our Featured EtsyBlogger!! Congrats AliciaMae and thanks for being such an awesome EtsyBlogger!!


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My BlogSpot in Honor of...

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You ROCK!!!