Monday, June 2, 2008

Dogmaw Glass on a Mini Monday

Today we are showing off the husband and wife team of the Etsy shop Dogmaw Glass. This couple creates a wide range of work including lampwork beads, paper goods and quilts.

The shopmonkeys of DogmawGlass toil in the internet mines by day to bring Satake Glass to the online lampworking community, but at night... ah, cool dark night... we get get to play with fire!

Alpha Shopmonkey Jo is a mathematician, beadmaker, jewelry maker, card maker, quilter... I think this makes her a craft junkie, a monkey she's not in any way interested in getting off her back. Which is fortunate, since she's already a shopmonkey, and getting yourself off your back is practically like sitting up, and nobody wants that.

An occasional contributor to the shop, Junior Shopmonkey Chris is the sort of man your mothers warned you about - no no, not that kind, the other kind.
Yeah... THAT kind.

They sure are busy in their South Carolina shop! Who knew shop monkeys could make such beautiful stuff? Want to know more? There is a blog to check out.

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