Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Mini Monday becomes..

This week our mini Monday feature becomes a Terrific Tuesday post and this week is about Lost and Found. Annette of Lost and Found wants you to know from her profile
I joined Etsy to have an outlet for my love of making things made from found or repurposed things. I believe in the idea that individuals can make a difference, plus I'm all about the handmade, organic, eco friendly lifestyle. The thought that I have saved a tree, or kept one less item from a landfill is exciting to me. I am intrigued by what other uses I can find for objects that would otherwise be thrown out. Quality over quantity; I am very detail oriented and thoughtful.

In the product description for this piece the artist asks
What are birds thinking about? What images do they see and store in their minds eye?

I would say that the attention she shows to quality and detail is obvious in the piece above. If you would like to learn more about this artist you can look at her blog or stop by her shop.

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Eco Craftiness said...

What a beautiful shop!