Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Featured EtsyBlogger May 2008

Last month we began a new team event - the monthly Featured EtsyBlogger!

That's when an awesome member of our EtsyBloggers street team will be announced as our team's Featured EtsyBlogger and all team members will then blog about our Featured EtsyBlogger sometime during the month. How cool is that?!

By now the EtsyBloggers already know this month's member who will star in her very own fun-filled and action-packed event...the Featured EtsyBlogger!!

But for the rest of you who don't yet know...and without further delay...the Featured EtsyBlogger for May 2008...........is................Cozy!!!!! woohooo!!!!!!

Cozy, if ya didn't already know, is the lovely and super active member of our team who is always so helpful to all of us in various different ways.

She monitors the calendar and checks to see if any of us EtsyBloggers are having a birthday...and then...she gives us all a happy boost to our birthdays when she posts our very own EtsyMini up on the team blog whenever one of us has a birthday! How awesome is that??

Cozy is also one of the two members who writes up all of those fab articles on our team blog every week, for the EtsyMini Mondays!

Here are the links to where you can find Cozy:

shop: http://cozy.etsy.com
blog: http://cozyetsy.blogspot.com

All EtsyBloggers members can see this thread for the Featured EtsyBlogger FAQ

Want a neat graphic for your blog to show your team support for our Featured EtsyBlogger? Get it from our website! It's located in the table which lists all of our team events: http://etsybloggers.com

*** If you already have the graphic from April's Featured EtsyBlogger then please be sure you've changed the code so that it points to http://cozyetsy.blogspot.com ***

So let's all get bloggy with it...and during the month of May, show your love for our Featured EtsyBlogger!! Yaay Cozy!!!

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