Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Tuesday with a Mini

Continuing to feature those that were missed today we are showing off the shop Sara's Texture Crafts. This seller is located in London and joined Etsy in April 2007. The shop has an assortment of items including jewelry, headbands, bags and paper goods. My personal favorite is this headband-
What follows if from her profile on Etsy and checking out profiles is always a great way to get to know a bit more about any artisan there.

"I have been working as a Fashion Designer for some years now and have always been fascinated by textured embellishments, from small decorations to all over fabric techniques. My style of texture decoration comes from combining both conventional and unconventional disciplines. For example free-machine embroidery can be great on its own, but why not mix it with another discipline like; felting, embroidery or weaving? I try to approach all crafts with the same way – why not mix it up a bit?

In late 2006 I became freelance and working solely on project based jobs I found my workload became much more flexible. That’s when I came up with the idea of putting my crafty passions in to action and work for myself. I opened Sara’s Texture Crafts in January 2007 and since then have been working on two main areas, firstly my ‘Boutiques’ selling my own creations and secondly my ‘Craft Shop’ concentrating on kits and equipment to help fellow artists.

Here in my Etsy Boutique I hope to be able to bring you the crafts and techniques that have been inspiring me recently, from finished artworks to bags, clothing accessories, jewellery, homeware and wedding items.

I am a proud member of JET (Jewelry on Etsy), Etsy Bloggers and UK Seller Street Teams and I also run the ‘Etsy Profiles’ blog at etsyprofiles.blogspot.com"

To learn even more you can take a look at her blog right here.

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kate said...

Really creative! I recently found a website, www.andreasbeau.com, which also has some exceptionally pretty headbands and other hair ornaments made from unusual trims and flowers I've never seen before. Definitely up to Etsy standards!