Monday, November 5, 2007

A Pretty Rock

It was truly a delight for me to prepare this week's Etsy Mini Monday feature because I am in love with so many of Yazmin's wonderful mini pieces of wearable art. It was a significantly less enjoyable time for my poor husband, who has been fending off Christmas gift hints for the past hour. I just doubled the size of my wishlist.

Flora Mother of Pearl Button Ring

My favorites are hard to single out, but a clear first place was her Flora Mother of Pearl Button ring, with deep colours and a swirling elegance. But both her Leafy Golden Blossoms Necklace and her Flora Bobbypins come in at a close second.

Leafy Golden Blossoms Necklace

In addition to beautiful pictures of her art, Yazmin's blog is quite impressive as well, boasting a bright but clean design and an integrated online shop. A Pretty Rock is an Etsy legend, a member since 2005, and her longevity speaks to the quality of her work and her skilled eye for design. A very talented artist,indeed.

Floral Bobbypins


AliciaMae said...

Ooh I forgot about EtsyMini Monday :) Beautiful mini!!

Yazmin said...

Thank you for the feature. I'm humbled. The writeup is fantastic. :)

Joey & Aleethea said...

The Leafy Golden Blossoms necklace is gorgeous. And great job on the mini!

Terri said...

Gorgeous stuff!