Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Blog Carnival Reminder

Just a reminder: this week's blog carnival is coming up soon, so be sure to get your posts in!

This week's carnival will be hosted by SixthandElm.etsy.com and the theme is "The Story of your Craft". How did you "get into" what you do? Did you go to school for it? Learn from your Grandmother? Get inspired by something you saw or were part of? Teach yourself? What is the first thing you made, or the first moment you gained the confidence to do the confidence to do this for real? It's an opportunity to talk about the ONE inspiration or source that started the creative ball rolling for you.

Once you've posted on this topic, submit the link to your post for inclusion in the carnival. This week's carnival will be hosted this Monday, November 5th at sixthandelm.

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