Monday, April 25, 2011

Etsybloggers Carnival - April 25th

Welcome to the EtsyBloggers' Blog Carnival- April 25th.

Hello.  Fantastic to see you.  Such a bright and sunny day in EtsyBlogger Carnival land! 

This month I (Alice's Owl) happen to be hosting the Carnival.  I was happy to host at the end of April! Being from the land I am from which I am the winters are cold and dark.  At the end of April I am usually full of inspiration and ready for fun thanks to spring being in full swing!  April 2011 has also been designated Stress Awareness Month for the nineteenth consecutive year in a row.  It comes at the perfect time for me, because the dormancy of winter is ending and I can get back outdoors comfortably.

It only seemed to make sense then, that the theme for this Blog Carnival would be to share our inspiration and fun/creativity with one another.  There are THREE blog carnival topics we are writing about this time: (extra fun!)  

1) April is Stress Awareness Month. How do you take time for self-care and help reduce stress in your life? Is there something you do each night? A practice that you do each morning? Something you do weekly or monthly? How does it melt the stress away for you? How does it make your body and mind feel? A great way to spread the awareness! 

2) We are all creative people, and too often others tell me they are not creative. Lets share about our creativity! Who or what is your creative inspiration or muse? Share your muse with us. What about your muse makes you feel inspired? How does this inspiration or muse gets your creative juices flowing? When did you "meet" your muse? How did you meet your muse? Does your muse know that they are your muse? Are you coming out to them and to us?

3) Share with us your favorite part of April. What about it is so special to you? Why? Do you remember it from childhood? Did a special friend introduce the two of you? Did you discover it yourself while out on a bike ride or spring stroll? Perhaps you just were pulled to it and haven't been able to stop thinking about it since then. Show it to us, describe it to us, make it our favorite part of April too!

Please, lets again continue to use the link widget!  Please link directly to your EtsyBlogger Blog Carnival URL in the form below, so we can all have fun and get inspired together!  What a great goal last Carnival to travel around to at least 3 links before and after and leave some treasure :-) (a comment)!  Lets do it again!!!   You can always come back more often, too!!! :-)

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memoriesforlifescrapbooks said...

Thanks for hosting themes :)

Alice's Owl said...

Thanks for posting it for me, Deb!!! You're the best!!!

storybeader said...

three choices!? Wow! sorry I missed posting a carnival... seems like it just passed me by. Glad that it all worked out! {:-D

cindy said...

Sorry I missed this one too. I really wanted to post something too! Ah, maybe another time....

Jen (Mama's Magic Studio) said...

nice carnival! i'm not sure if the widget is working for me, so i'll post my link here too just in case:

off to do some reading! happy april, all!