Saturday, December 26, 2009

Journal Swap for EtsyBloggers - a start of something new?

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I got this idea from a website called swap-bot, that exchanges postcards, bookmarks, pincushions, all kinds of things. So first of all, thank you Rachel and Travis, for your website. If anyone's into swapping, their site is a great place to visit.

But my special thanks goes to ratbatzine, for the journal swap idea. This is a little differe
nt than just mailing items. Everybody will be required to write in their journals, on prearranged topics, starting March 1st. And in the first week of April, you will mail the journal back to your Swap Mate.

Like most things that involve a large group (hopefully) of people, we need to set some guidelines. So first off, here are some explanations and rules for the Journal Swap:

  • This Swap Is Limited To EtsyBloggers Only! So if you want to participate, and you're not a member of the EtsyBloggers team, now's the time to join!

  • The journal that you send can either be handmade or bought.
  • There will be a cost involved, so to make things fair, I'm limiting supplies and mailing to $30. You can spend as much time as you want, getting things together!

  • The storybeader will act as coordinator! All messages/questions/etc regarding this Journal Swap should be directed to the storybeader, within the Journal Swap signup thread.
  • The Swap Mate you send your journal to and the person you receive your package from, will not be the same. I will do a random pick to match everyone with a Mate (Swap-bot doesn't believe in partnering, and I want to follow their rules.)

  • I'll announce Swap Mates on the Message Board on Jan 18th (my birthday!) You will have until Jan.31st to exchange your mailing address with your Swap Mate.

But that's only half the fun.

  • Swapping journals will last one month. I'm setting aside the month of February for everyone to get their packages delivered. This is an international swap, so be aware of your Swap Mate's address.

  • If anyone is having problems, like never getting a mailing address from their Swap Mate or not receiving a package, please contact the storybeader via the Journal thread and tell me what's up. Remember the Golden Rule, "do unto others as you would have them do unto you." If you think you can't fulfill some of the requirements, have fun watching, not participating. I will keep track of "problem swappers" and pass this list onto the next coordinator, who may ban these shops from the next swap.

  • Everyone will mail their journals back to their Swap Mates the first week of April, and write about their experience, sometime during the month, in a blog post.
Activity wrap up for the Journal Swap:
January 1, 2010: Signup Starts - go to the Message Board to sign up!
January 11, 2010: Signup Ends - if you missed the deadline, sorry! Wait till the next swap!
January 18, 2010: Swap Mate Announcement - I will modify the second post, and list Mates there
February 28, 2010: Last day journals must be sent to your Swap Mate. ("Media Mail" is the cheapest rate, at least in the US)
March 1 - 31, 2010: Journal entries
April 1- 8, 2010: Mail your journal back to your Swap Mate, and write about your experience.

OK, there's the rules! ;D Whatta ya think? Excited? :o Sign up now!

Posted for the EtsyBloggers team by: storybeader
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Laurie said...

Wow, I am so going to do this! Great idea!

Splendid Little Stars said...

a very cool idea!