Monday, September 21, 2009

Mini Monday Indulge Your Shelf

Today we introduce you to Laurie. She runs two charming shops on Etsy. Indulge Your Shelf is a vintage shop full of always changing treasures and Twice Shy Restored is a handcrafted site with products that use antique and vintage supplies. She sums up the purpose behind her shops and blog very well in her blog profile-
I'm passionate about pretty things and love to rescue the old and forgotten and make it useful again. This makes me happy because: 1. It's a green way of life 2. It makes the world more beautiful 3. It's fun!

Take a look at the shop minis below and you will see the fun and passion in both shops.
Just a hint for those who get this post in a reader. Come on over to the blog because you will miss all the fun in these shops if you don't.

Are you still here? Please click, browse, shop, read the Indulge Your Shelf blog and enjoy!

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Kathleen said...

Wow! very fun =)

Laurie said...

Oh, you made my day! Thank you so much!

Cozy said...

I think Laurie says it best- it is all about the fun and passion!

Oh and you are welcome so much!