Monday, June 15, 2009

EtsyBloggers Team Mini Monday - Joey & Aleethea - Monster Shirts, Monster Jeans, and Monster Dresses!

For goodness sakes, where does one begin to write about our very own team leader?

Sandra, (but everyone calls her "Joey") is the fearless, dynamic, funny, easy-going, talented, endearing team leader of EtsyBloggers. She has a hubby and two adorable younguns that she adores and looks after as a gift and blessing to her fulfilling life.

"We're all about family and fabric, love and laughter, and handmade super coolness. That's how we rock."- Joey & Aleethea™"

Joey & Aleethea™ is the Admin and Team Leader of the EtsyBloggers team. She is also a member of these fab Etsy teams: EtsyBABY, EtsyKids, EtsyMom, SwankyMoms, FAM, EtsyGreek and Loco for Gocco!

Her "Super Cutesie" baby boutique is named "Joey & Aleethea". If you have children and none of them have a Monster Shirt or monster outfit, or a pair of Ankle Biters lounge pants, or a Monster Cupcake dress, then they are just not super cool "yet"! "Joey & Aleethea™ is a super cutesie boutique for baby boys, baby girls and their peeps!"

Ankle Biters
Where does she find the time and energy?

Joey and Aleethea are "We are baby-wearing, breast-feeding, co-sleeping, attachment-parenting parents!" FYI: Those of us with grown up children, well, we do not do this last part anymore.



Who can resist?
Geeky Argyle with Apples and Pears - Handmade Baby or Toddler Dress
and Bloomers by Joey & Aleethea

Do you have children? Grand or GreatGrand Children? Nieces, Nephews? Need a baby Gift? Please visit her Flickr to see many photographs of her clothing designs. You can also see Joey & Aleethea's gallery of sold items here.

Are you interested in becoming an official member of the EtsyBloggers team?
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memoriesforlifescrapbooks said...

Yay for Mother Blogger :)
That cupcake dress is to die for! Super-cutesie is right!!!

Becky said...

awesome post!
Yay for Joey!!!!!!!!♥

Cards By Jenna said...

I love that cupcake dress too! Thanks for all you do for this group Joey!

Very Verdant said...

What Fun...great post!

BeadedTail said...

Wonderful post! Thanks for everything you do for us Joey (aka Sandra)!

Rose Works Jewelry said...

I love our awesome Mother Blogger! Great feature on her :)

Splendid Little Stars said...

What a wonderful post! She truly must not sleep!

TiLT said...

Woots for Mother Blogger!!!! And all her little monsters, whether on 2 legs, 4 legs or appliqued!

NICO Designs said...

Super cute clothes--was hoping to see the shop open again but with the CPSIA? and the move....Maybe a new shop?:)

Anonymous said...

Oh I love that Monster Cupcake Dress!! Thank you Mother Blogger.. You're ROCK!!!


uniquecommodities said...

Awesome feature and I never knew her name was Sandra

Patti said...

Let's hear it for "Joey"!!!!!!