Monday, May 11, 2009

Mini Monday for We are Wedges

Cheese is good and stuffed toys are good right? Let the shop owner of We are Wedges tell you more about this in her Etsy profile-

Wedges are called wedges because they are wedge shaped…like cheese.

There are person wedges and animal wedges. Some of the animal wedges are more devious than others.

Wedges like to live in silos, but more than anything, they enjoy going on adventures together.

Wedges are handmade and created with love by Benita Hsueh in her Toronto, Canada based studio.

Well…Will Baker also helps, but he is a boy.

Some of Benita’s favourite things are:
- Squares
- Circles
- Various combinations of squares and circles
- Cheese
- Plush Toys

Thus, it is only logical to combine these things, and while eating a wedge of cheese one night, the Wedges concept was born. After all, cheese is good, and cheese is wedge shaped. Plush toys are also good, so why not?*

That’s our story. THE END. OK. BYE!

* Please note that, unlike cheese, wedges should not be eaten. That would be wedgicide. Or wedgibalism?

So remember when you order yours, don't eat it!


Rose Works Jewelry said...

That's so cute!

memoriesforlifescrapbooks said...

What cute little plushies!
Very creative :)