Monday, September 29, 2008

etsyBloggers Mini Monday Features - Spotted Cow Soaps

Oh, how did I get to be so fortunate?

Dear Ms. Moo,

Guess who is the editor of _our Mini Monda_?...

Shop: Spotted Cow Soaps

Blog: Spotted Cow Soaps

Handcrafted in a favored area of the world, New England. Specifically, Vermont.

Ms. Moo is an affectionate title given to Mrs. Linda Wheelock soon after a new member was miraculously accepted into the ROCKIN etsyBloggers Team!!! Since then, she has deviously played the SNS (Saturday Night Special) Friday's starting at 5 p.m., is a junkie ("I am a fragrance junkie and I peddle my soaps and skin loving goodies to support that habit"), tried out for the WWF and fell off of a ladder injuring her noggin, was the recipient of a ghostly haunting in her work office, where she has been the Grand Poo Bah and Director of School Food Service for many years! This is probably where she conceived of the idea to put lettuce into one and tomato into another of her beautifilled soap creations!

When she is not falling off ladders, or ducking for cover when the heavy shelving in her office collapsed on her, she is an exceptional wife, mother, homemaker, friend, gardener, and chief soap, lotions, massage oil, hand crochet bath accessories, and gifty items creator.

It is so hard for me to say this next quote from Ms. Moo herself, "Nestled deep in the heart of Vermont amongst the mountain views and dairy farms you will find Spotted Cow Soaps. I have been formulating and selling homemade natural soaps for over 8 years."

Her Etsy shop was born of necessity. “What started out as a necessity to cure skin issues of my own has grown into an obsession and love for handcrafting great smelling soaps that leave your skin saying..."THANK YOU!"

That leaves your skin saying MOOlicious is what would say!

Listen, how can you possibly resist this?

Or this?

We all love and adore you Ms. Wheelock. You are an intergal and ROTFL jokester of our beloved etsyBloggers ROCKIN team!

Wishing you all of the best with your etsyButt problems, and continued successes with your beautifilled Spotted Cow Soaps Boutique.

a Hug from all of us....


Rose Works Jewelry said...

Lily - you did a ROCKING blog post on our dear Miss Moo!

BrighidsForge said...

So YOU are Ms. Moo! Aha! Congrats on the feature and keep dodging falling shelves!

Lovely photos and delicious sounding descriptions of your goodies, by the way!

SpottedCow said...

What a pleasant surprise to come home and find in my little email inbox! I'm speechless! Thank You for the Monday Feature! I'm very touched.

BeadedTail said...

What a fabulous feature on a wonderful EtsyBlogger!

Panoptica said...

What would we do without Ms. Moo...

LazyTcrochet said...

Great post! Gorgeous Etsy Mini - what a great shop!

Kathy and Carrie said...

LOL...I love the write up, great job. Ms. Moo, I can't wait to try one of your soaps. I must go shopping now!

The Bumble Bee Studio said...

love you miss MOoooo !!


im off to join the team. (=

congrats !!