Monday, August 11, 2008

Mini Monday - Faerie Rebecca

Welcome to Toys From Nature~~beautifully handcrafted dolls, toys and playthings in the Waldorf tradition. Featuring the 16" Waldorf doll, as well as lovely needlefelted creations for the nature table and beyond.

This is the greeting awaiting you in the shop Toys from Nature by our team member in the spotlight today, Faerie Rebecca. The shop is filled with beautiful dolls and the artist's needle felted works.

Blessing Bowl in Ocean Blue
There are times in my meditation practice that I just need a place to *put* something, be it a special stone, a blessing, some herbs, or thoughts that just won't leave my head until I write them out. I created this blessing bowl figurine to be my keeper of those stray thoughts or wishes, holding in her lap what I need or want to get out of my head.
How many of us could not use something like the Blessing Bowl above in our daily lives? The beauty of the Etsy shopping experience is shown in this description as well. This shop is an outstanding example of how you can get to know the artist and the thoughts and motivations behind each piece of art or craft.

This California based artisan explains how she feels about the concept of buying directly from the artist or crafter in the introduction of her shop policies.
One of the best things about purchasing from an individual over a larger store is the quality of the service. Because you're buying directly from the artist, you can ask questions, get custom options, etc. I welcome your questions and requests--I want this to be a wonderful transaction for you that goes beyond just a transaction. My goal is to develop a relationship with my customers, and the first step is outstanding customer service!

As always on this team there is a blog for further reading and peeking into the life and thoughts behind this wonderful shop. When you stop by for a visit with Faerie Rebecca let her know the EtsyBloggers sent you.

This week the mini is brought to you by Cozy.


Anonymous said...

Excellent feature. Such a kind one to be honored today.


Anonymous said...

Hey! That's me!! Thanks Cozy for featuring me )