Sunday, March 23, 2008

*NEW RULES* effective 03/24/08

Here are *NEW RULES* and also some exciting updates for the entire EtsyBloggers street team, which I'll also be posting over at our Message Board:

- I've updated our EtsyBloggers website, so be sure to stop by. You'll notice 2 new links there, more info on those will be posted at our message board:

- There are *NEW RULES* going into effect first thing tomorrow morning 03/24/08. You can read what they are over at our website, and also stay tuned at the message board for more info:

- This week's EtsyBloggers Blog Carnival is posted on my blog right now. This week's theme was "Green":

- As part of our *NEW RULES*, in April we will begin a new event!! On a monthly basis, we will select a "Featured EtsyBlogger", and all members of our team will be required to blog about that member. That's an entire month of features on various different blogs...for every EtsyBlogger! Stay tuned to our Message Board for the announcement of our very 1st featured EtsyBlogger!

Happy Easter and Happy Blogging everyone!

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