Wednesday, January 16, 2008


This weeks Etsy Mini Star is Wool it Be, creator of fine wool for all your wetfelting and needlefelting creations. Sunshine colours, cotton-candy-smooth fibre and large lots draw me to the many creations possible with one order from Wool it be. From the descriptions:

You can use it for wet felting, dry felting, spinning, for garments, jewellery, interior objects, sculpture, and so much more....

Wool it be has grown in recent times and has now expanded to a second store for the wonderful creations made from wool. From the Shop announcement:

I've got NEWS for you! All works, creations and designs, made out of woolitbe-wool will be now available at ODDCREATIONS.ETSY.COM. Please, visit me there and don't forget to heart me :) Thank you all for giving me a heart so far. See you at odd's.

Hop on over and start dreaming about your next wooly project at Wool it Be, and don't forget to visit the blog at

And thanks to all who have been supportive during my recent technological difficulties and who convinced me not to throw my computer out the window after all.

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