Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Happy House Quilts Mini, um..Wednesday!

Before writing this (belated) mini Monday, er, Wednesday, for happy house quilts I was determined to make it spectacular to make up for the fact that it is late. But when I came to look at the shop I found that making a review of the work for sale there was not all that difficult. It radiates spectacularity (yes, it is a word. I just made it up, so there) in the cheerful colours and fun shapes of die cut and hand-cut fabric and quilting goodness.

The shop's by-line reads "Practical & Fashionable accessories for daily life," so you start to see that happy house quilts is about fun and pretty quilted accessories, not actual blankets, as the un-initiated of us might believe. I am now initiated. I just initiated myself. The craft of quilting is applied far beyond the limits those of us not in the craft might have fabricated for it and it is a great place to go for unique hairpins, broaches and the famous hair quilts. Stitched by hand and 100% Wool, these creative creations will add a bit of hand-crafted style to your mop, turning the cowlicks and the stressed out curls you call your do into a little work of art.

What caught my eye the most is the cute holiday ornament craft kits, shown above, but there is plenty to please in this shop, and plenty to read on the blog, at Stop by the blog for a special HHQ tutorial on how to make your own cheerful holiday wool & cedar pouches!!

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Happy House Quilts said...

oh my gosh...i'm a little behind...just saw this posted....thank you so much!!!
Yes, you are definitely initiated!!!