Saturday, July 21, 2007

Holy Blog Interviews Batman!

The response in the forums to 2 SHOP TUESDAYS is complete awesomeness.

Here's my post which introduces the series of interviews:

If you haven't responded yet, just pop in whenever.


Joey & Aleethea


Yazmin said...

I saw that! I think it's totally great. You're going to have blog posts set up through the rest of the year. hehe :)

Joey & Aleethea said...


And hehe, I thought the exact same thing this afternoon when I saw there were approx 104 posts...that's 2 posts per week, for 52 weeks. How fun is that?

I wonder how many there will be, 52 weeks from now. (*runs off to make a geeky chart*)

DLS Designs said...

I was wondering how I go about joining your street team.

buja said...

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