Monday, June 25, 2007

Blogging Theme Stuff

We've got some fun group blogging events lined up for our team. Cozy had a great suggestion for the group, which is to showcase a craft, art form, color, or something else along those lines and how it ties into Etsy. Each person posts a blog entry that fits our them, which would run for the week, or any other given time frame that is decided on. I think this is a marvelous idea. We can hammer out the details this week and start the chosen theme for next week, which would be Monday, July 2nd. I vote that we start with color first, and I'd be up for yellow...but I highly value your input and comments, so please pitch your ideas here!

Some of the other theme ideas I came up with are (and believe me, they're not new ideas, I was inspired by the forums!) Crafts That Came Out Terrible, Great Mistakes (projects that inadvertently came out terrific) How You Got Started Crafting/Designing, Bad Craft Fair Experiences, Best Craft/Art Book You've Read, Greatest Art/Craft Tool You Can't Live Without...this is just a start. There's so much we can do with this. I want to hear from you!


Helen | Pepperina Press said...

I love these ideas - they sound like great fun and good for inspiration!

As for colours... we could always start with the super-obvious (but cool) ORANGE... since it's Etsy after all!

Looking forward to seeing everyone else's ideas!

Athena's Armoury said...

Great ideas, Terri. I'm fresh out at the moment, but am so looking forward to getting to know everyone. Very inspiring.

Terri said...

Helen--orange, that's a cool idea! I like it!

Thanks Athena's!

Sixth & Elm said...

Can't wait!

Maybe we could do one about items that have a story behind them or th story of what inspired certain pieces. Or maybe a tour of your studio (or dining room table - your craft space) or tutorial week where we all teach something about our craft. Or maybe a tutorial SWAP where we post a tutorial written by another member.


The Mommy and Me Boutique said...

Read the entire blog .... off to a great start ... thank you. I am new to all of this but aren't links and comments important - should we add each others link and make comments on each other blogs as things are presented. I just read that these 2 things are important - but honestly, I am not clear just why! thank for all your work. Corline

Terri said...

sixth&elm, those are brilliant ideas! Those will be included.

mommyandme-- yes, definitely link to each other and comment as well. Have you seen Moth to Flame's gigantic links list? putting the link to a comprehensive list was MUCH easier than listing everyone's individual blog, LOL!